Friday, 24 July 2009

Invitation to Masimba Musodza's Reading of Uriah's Vengeance

I had the oppportunity and great pleasure to read Masimba's book, Uriah's Vengeance; a review is coming down the pike. If anyone within London - not that one in Ontario, Canada - please do not miss the opportunity to meet Masimba Musodza.

He is a soft-spoken and very humble person but let that not deceive you. Masimba is a phenomenal writer but, given his admirable humility, he will not blow his own horn. When I call him an incredibly good writer, I am not blowing the horn for him; far from it. I am just telling the truth as I know it.

Go and meet this great Zimbabwean if you have the oppportunity. I bet you will not be disappointed.


Visible said...

You have what looks to me like a fine heart and an appreciation for those things that are threatened in these times.

As one of the animal characters in "The Jungle Book" said to Mowgli, "We be of one blood you and I"

Warm REgards,

sarudzayi barnes said...

I agree with you Jonathan. The book is a page-turner. We had a good time at the launch. I wish you were there.