Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Miracle out of South Carolina

Straight out of South Carolina, the heartbeat of Dixie, with all due apologies to Alabama, here is Professor B. Michael Williams a bona fide mbira maestro. It is a miracle. This just lends credence to what I said on one of Sarudzayi Barnes' blog entries.

Here is a sample of what the gifted man has to offer. I hope my born-again compatriots are paying attention.


sarudzayi barnes said...

Jonathan many thanks for posting this link!!! just what you said on my blog,that in Zimbabwe the playing of a mbira instrument can be misconstrued for witchcraft and paganism,and yet other cultures are yearning to preserve the culture. there is a guy called Miranzi who is teaching Mbira music at the University of Manchester. his class is full of white British students. i saw one of his students, a white English woman playing mbira. man, she was really good.

It's time Zimbabweans we be proud of our culture. what a shame????

Phillip Chidavaenzi said...

Hi there Jonathan. Got interested about the 'born-again' debate and wrote quite extensively about that (and other thorny issues) on my blog You can check that out.

Visible said...

I hope you are well. I haven't heard anything from you lately.

Many blessings